Using StalkGro

1. Select your The SA sugar industry has been divided spatially into 48 Homogenous Climate Zones, with each zone having reasonably similar climate.homogenous climate zone either from the drop down list or from the map.

2. Select the irrigation status of your farm: either "Dry" for a non-irrigated farm or the irrigation percentage that most closely matches the level of irrigation being practised.

3. Select your crop cycle (growing period). This will be the age (in months) of the crop at harvest.

4. Select a TAM ( The TAM represents the maximum water holding capacity of the soil in your field.Total Available Moisture) figure that most closely matches the TAM of your fields.

5. Select the harvest month.

6. Select the harvest season.

7. Select a This is an adjustment factor used to render the estimated yields more realistic. The simulated results assume perfect management, and may have been created using conditions slightly different from yours. Over time, you will need to compare DSP estimates of final yields with your actual yields in order to determine an appropriate management factor.Management Factor.

8. Click on "Show Data".

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